Unique Number

Kenzly ID is much easier than the phone number, email address ... etc.


Six levels of sharing. public, Friends, Close Friends, Family, Specific people, Private.

Family Tree

Create your family tree and make it passed from generation to generation and carries memories, Photos, Videos and Audios.

life story

Tell the world who you are and what do you do? It looks like an encyclopedia about people for everyone. Great chance to add yourself or discover others.

Contact & Follow

Tell People your ID and they will find how to contact you or follow you on social media. You will get more followers to all social accounts easily.

lifetime membership

Your account will be online forever. it passed from generation to generation. your children & grandchildren never miss you. Your friends will never forget you. The whole world will see you. It's a human encyclopedia.

One Lifetime Membership

Early booking will help you get a number that can be easily Remembered & Shared. Our system will be online at 1/1/2020.

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