Create a Professional Group With a Free Mailing List in 2022

Create a Professional Group in 2022


Create a professional group with a free mailing list in 2022 easily so that you can communicate with group members and send mailings and offers within a few minutes, which reduces advertising costs in the future.

What is the purpose of creating a professional group?!

The goals may differ from one person to another or a business to another, but in the end, there is one main goal, which is to build a group that cares about what you offer and help you to communicate with them easily and send them services, offers, products, and support.
Building a group is a good solution for increased interaction with customers, which increases the promotion of your services or products by marketing through Word of Mouth, which is one of the most successful marketing methods where customers can recommend your products and services to their friends.

All this confirms that building a group for your business is a very important thing as it helps you spread faster and adds more loyalty to your services or your company.

How to create a professional group with a free mailing list?

Creating groups is not new, and there are many websites and social media platforms that allow the creation of a group, and Facebook groups come on top.
Creating a group on Facebook is definitely something special, especially with thousands of subscribers, but you do not have the ability to send an email message to group members or send private messages to all members at once. Day by day, group members may forget your group and thus you lose a great marketing advantage.

That is why we are here at Kenzly helping you to build a professional group that helps you communicate with members and promote your business easily.


Advantages of creating a professional group on Kenzly in 2022

Free Membership For Ever

The subscription is absolutely free and without any limitation. You can create many groups with unlimited members.

Group management

You can manage your group easily, as well as appoint Moderators to help you manage your group and provide technical support to members.

Free newsletter

Send Free Newsletters to your members

When creating a professional group, you will need a way to communicate with group members. Here, you can take advantage of the newsletter feature, where you can send an email message to all members of the group within a few minutes.
Now group members will not forget your services or your group, as communication with them continues even if they are not active in the group.
You can send new offers and advertisements about services or products easily and without advertising costs or subscribing to newsletters or mailing list programs.

Send private messages to all members

Now you can send a private message to everyone at once and they will receive a notification on the site and e-mail that there is a new private message from the group.
Make your group more connected and interactive with members, which helps you gain their loyalty and increase your sales.

Private forum for each group

Free Private Forum with each group
Now with each group, you have the option to create a forum for your group only, where it can be a complete archive of questions and answers and a discussion forum between members. All topics and responses are for your group only and are not available to everyone.

Group Reviews

Now members can send their opinion and rate the group, which helps you know the opinion of customers and members on the services provided. Also, submitting reviews will encourage other members to join your group. Reviews always encourage people to pay attention.

Make your group public, private, or hidden

You have the choice to build your own group where you can make the group public, closed, or hidden.

  • Any site member can join this group.
  • This group will be listed in the groups directory and in search results.
  • Group content and activity will be visible to any site member.

  • Only users who request membership and are accepted can join the group.
  • This group will be listed in the groups directory and in search results.
  • Group content and activity will only be visible to members of the group.

  • Only users who are invited can join the group.
  • This group will not be listed in the groups directory or search results.
  • Group content and activity will only be visible to members of the group.

Easily manage group members

You can manage your group members easily, as any member can be promoted to a manager or administrator, or you can kick or block any member easily.

Sharing files and media

Make your group more interactive and allow members to share photos, files, and photos of products they bought from you as well. You can also share videos and audio files easily.

Selling group membership subscription

Now you can create a group with a subscription, and free memberships will not be accepted. Where members must pay the monthly or annual subscription before agreeing to join the group.
This service is being implemented by contacting us temporarily and will be activated automatically later. Please note that you will get 80% of the subscription price. The subscription rate may decrease based on the number of subscribers.

Create a professional group in your native language

The best way to communicate is language and building a group in your mother tongue will help you to facilitate communication with members, and this will not constitute a difficulty for the rest of the members, as the entire site can be translated using Google Translate located at the bottom of the page.

All of these features will help you build a successful group in the long run, and it will help you increase your sales percentage through continuous communication with members, which will reduce advertising costs in the future.
Create your group now and invite your friends or clients to join your group.

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