Discover the WordPress sites and what they use

Discover the WordPress sites and what they use-1264289-4855590

WordPress is one of the most important web applications that help you to create a website easily and professionally at the same time. We must point out that the percentage of the websites that use the WordPress platform is 27% of the total sites in the world and among these sites are world famous and news sites.
The WordPress platform is easy to handle and comes in all languages ​​and there are thousands of plugins and themes that can be used on your site easily with one click without the need for experience or codes.
As well as paid plugins and templates number in the thousands and this is what distinguishes it from other web applications where you can easily create a website with a suitable template in less than an hour.
WordPress can also be customized as needed. For example, you can use it as a news site, a personal blog, an online store, or other ideas as needed.

Have you ever wondered what theme and plugins a WordPress site is using?

May you visit WordPress sites and wonder which theme or plugins they use. You may want to use the same add-ons or theme on your website but you do not know its name.
WordPress detective will analyze the WordPress site and give you the theme name and all plugins used in it.

This site is also distinguished by displaying the most popular themes and plugins. which helps you to identify common and important additions to the WordPress platform.

To analyze the website, just enter the site link in the search engine on the main page and you will get all the details.
Really, it is a great opportunity to know what others are using on their sites.

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