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Kenzly  VIP ID-669


VIP identifiers are very limited and start from identity No. 101 to No. 1000. The owners of this identity get many features are summarized in the following points:

  • The appearance of members on the First page of our site in the section of VIP members with some details that include the Profile photo, ID number, country and job. Some details can be blocked as desired.
  • Share accounts on social media platforms to provide more support and fame for these accounts for free.
  • The possibility of show accounts in online advertising campaigns and outdoor advertising.
  • The online guide includes all VIP members with their details and IDs.
  • The printed guide includes all VIP members with their details and IDs.
  • Special Events and concerts for VIP members
  • Special discounts and offers for VIP members
  • Special support for VIP members
  • VIP members news will be shown on our news website and they can share their news, events, products and much more.

One lifetime membership for 1000 euro. For lifetime membership, please contact us and you must specify the ID number you wish to purchase from identity No. 101 to No. 1000.

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