Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy is very easy to understand and very clear too. Kenzly is a marketplace with a buyer and a seller side. These refund rules are created with the protection of both the buyer and seller in mind and apply to both buyer and seller.

Please take into mind that unlike physical goods, digital goods can’t be returned. Because of this, there are different rules for refunding digital goods.

When requesting a refund, please do so by using the “request refund” button next to the order on your order page. Please take into account that a refund can only be given within 30 days after your purchase. You can only request a refund once, so please make sure you submit any required information. Please first always contact the seller before requesting a refund.

Exchanging Licenses

In the case, you have purchased an incorrect license, please purchase the correct license within 30 days after the original purchase and contact us by leaving a ticket through our help center. We will then refund the first license.

A refund can only be given when upgrading a license. For example when a regular license was bought, but an extended license was required.

Disputing a Refund Request

If your refund request has been rejected by the seller and you do think you have the right to a refund because of one of the down mentioned reasons you can dispute the decision of the seller. When submitting a dispute, please make sure you give a detailed description of the situation and in the case of a technical defect of the purchased product, a detailed description of the defect.

Before Requesting a Refund

Before Requesting a Refund Please follow these steps that may help to solve your issue.

  • Read the item’s installation guide and documentation
  • Check the item’s comments page, as you may find a solution to your issue there
  • Contact the author (if the item is supported)
  • Ensure the item is being used for its intended function and purpose (check the item description), Eg. is the item meant to be compatible with your WordPress software version?
  • Search our Help Center and our blog for the issue you are experiencing
  • Review our Kenzly Market Refund Rules to check if you are eligible for a refund

Requesting a Refund

You have the right to a refund in the following situations:

  • You purchased the same item twice.
  • The item is not working as advertised
  • Item has a security vulnerability
  • Item support is promised but not provided
  • The compressed file is corrupt
  • The download links for the files are invalid

Disputing a Refund Request

Neither Kenzly nor authors are obliged to give policy refunds in any of the situations listed below.

  • You have not provided enough information to determine why you have the right to a refund.
  • You do not have the knowledge to use the item.
  • You don't want it after you've bought it.
  • The item did not meet your expectations or you feel the item is of low quality.
  • You simply change your mind.
  • You bought an item by mistake.
  • The refund is requested more then 30 days after purchase.
  • You can no longer access the item because it has been removed or the author who previously provided the item is no longer active on our platform (we advise you to download items as soon as you have purchased them to avoid this situation).
Any Question - Please Contact

Last updated: September 25, 2022:

We reserve the right to modify our Refund Policy at any time, so please review them frequently. If we decide to change these Refund Policy in any way, we will notify you here, and by email too. In all cases, your continued use of any Services constitutes acceptance of any such changes.

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