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Set up your account professionally and distinctively on Kenzly


Set up your account professionally and distinctively on Kenzly so that others can learn about your skills and services. In this article, we will explain to you how to set up and customize the account in a distinctive way. You will also find this article on your account page, as it is part of a series reviewing the services of the site and how to use them.

1- Add Profile Photo and Profile Cover

To go to the profile setup page, click on the menu and choose “profile” from the drop-down list. It will appear to you as shown in the image below.


Now click the profile photo icon and cover icon to upload your photos. For better results on the cover photo, make sure to upload an image that is larger than 1350px wide, and 350px tall.


2- Add Profile Details

Now you need to add more details to your account. click about me and more details link and add your data. You will have full control over the privacy of each item, where you can customize the item’s appearance to the public, members-only, friends only, or private. Just click on the settings for each item and choose what suits you.

Entering data will help members reach you, for example, if you choose that you like music when anyone searches for music lovers, your account will appear among the results. We help members reach people with similar interests easily.

3- Account Setting and Notifications Control

This section is dedicated to account setup where you can change your password and e-mail as well as you can control notifications easily. You can choose the type of notifications you want to receive from the site, and only members can make the most appropriate option for you in each section.


In this section, you can download a full copy of your account that includes all the publications and images that have been published on the site. You can also control the privacy of the account where you can make your account completely private or choose to hide purchases from your account as shown in the image below.


5- Widget Setting and Control

Make your account contain more information such as skills, services, website, video, and more special additions that you can add easily through the widget settings. These widgets will appear on the main page of your account, which will be available to everyone who visits your account to view an example click here.


We will publish an article on how to set up widgets in this series. You can find this series on your account page as well as you will receive an email when a new article is published.

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