About Kenzly
Share your talent now and enjoy watching talented people across the world in music, art, drawing, acting, photography, etc. Great opportunity to discover your talents.

About our website

The website Kenzly.com (“Website”) is an official website of Kenzly Business Services OÜ, a company is established and existing under the laws of the Republic of Estonia, Registry code 14522179, Estonia.

What is our vision?

Art is the only language that everyone understands and can interact with it and understand its content wonderfully. There are a lot of talents in different countries of the world, and that is why we thought to create a community dedicated to talents to help them reach the public, and we might also be a reason for their discovery by interested individuals and companies.

Kenzly is a dedicated social networking platform to share artistic talent "painting, sculpture, handmade, music, singing, music distribution, playing musical instruments, video production, photography, and other talents and other activities".

Subscribers can also enjoy the artworks presented by talented people and follow them easily through the Kenzly platform.

Joining Kenzly is the biggest support for us and all the talent here. We may be a small community, but we promise you to continuously develop to provide the best services.

World Stars

We seek to include artists and stars from different countries of the world so that subscribers can follow their favorite stars and get to know the latest news from them personally.

Account Verification

Now you can easily verify your account on Kenzly and get the verification sign for free and quickly without complication or difficult conditions.

Subscriptions to any of the PRO accounts qualify to verify your account directly.

How to verify your account

1- Create your account.
2- Invite your friends and your followers to follow you on Kanzly "at least you must have 1000 followers"
3- Go to account setting and click verification or Click Here if you already logged in.
4- Please, upload a copy of your passport / ID and a clear personal photo.
5- Your account will be verified and the verification sign will be obtained within 48 hours only.

Some accounts are excluded from these terms, such as accounts of celebrities and artists, as well as those who obtained the verification mark from other social media sites.
Also, we excluded new stars who have any artworks published, for example, video clips or articles about them, or have been identified by Kenzly or from verified accounts in Kenzly.
Companies and agencies can be verified directly after reviewing the company's commercial register.
If you have any questions regarding account verification, you can contact us.