Request refund

Our return policy is clear and was established based on the laws of the European Union and the United Kingdom, where the Kenzly Business platform falls under the subscriptions and digital products, and the law states that once the subscription is activated and the customer accesses the site and digital products, the value of his subscription Cannot be refunded.

The Kenzly Business platform provides many services:

  • ADS discount for pro members.
  • Exclusive videos for subscribers.
  • E-books and various files.
  • Audio clips and photos.
  • Special discounts for customers on products and services on many websites.
  • Site training courses.

Based on the above list of services, it is not possible to activate the subscription refund for customers to avoid fake subscriptions that affect our services and products.

What should you do before subscribing?

  • Make sure you have the real desire to subscribe.
  • To try the service, you can subscribe for a period of one month only, and in case of dissatisfaction, you can not renew the subscription.