We are very excited to build the Kenzly platform that helps individuals and businesses build their own communities to share interests, build relationships, manage meetings, manage events, and promote services and products.

We are pleased to present a series of articles that explain how to use our website and build a distinctive group that helps you achieve your goals. This is the first welcome article in this series. The entire website can be translated into your native language by using Google Translate at the bottom of the page.
When subscribing to Kenzly, you will find this series on your account page to ensure easy access to articles as shown in the image below.


We highly recommend reading all the articles in this series to ensure you get the most out of your use of the site. You will receive an e-mail notification as soon as a new article is released.

Purpose of creating an account on Kenzly

There are many reasons that push you to create an account on Kenzly. The reasons may be different from one person to another. Here we show you some of the reasons that motivate members to join us.

1- Meet New People With The Same Passion

Meet New People With The Same Passion at kenzly

Members may subscribe to Kenzly in order to search for people with similar interests and passions. for example:

  • Join meetings
  • Eating out
  • Join Events
  • Hang out
  • Trips & Camping
  • Travel
  • Playing a sport
  • Drawing lovers
  • Reading lovers
  • Music lovers
  • Volunteer works
  • Business Management
  • Website Development
  • Pet Care
  • Family Advice
  • Learning Languages
  • Much more.

Where members can create groups with any kind of these interests to share updates, organize meetings and events and build a real community of people with the same passion.

Please note that Using our Platform involves meeting real people and doing real things in the real world, which can sometimes lead to unexpected situations. We can’t control what happens in the real world, and we are not responsible for it. You should use common sense and good judgment when interacting with others.

2- Communicate with Your Followers on Social Media Platforms

connect your followers at Kenzly

You may have thousands of followers on social media platforms, but have you thought about creating a group for them?!

Creating a group for your followers on social media platforms is a great idea to communicate with them from one place where you can display your updates and new publications and share links to the new videos you publish, as well as one place you can answer your followers’ questions easily and save time in responding to all platforms. It also makes it easier for your followers to see updates and answers and search in the group, which prevents repeating questions.

Through this group, you can organize events and live broadcasts, but you can do more than that by promoting your services or products or publishing special offers to your followers.
All of this will certainly help you build a strong interaction on your account on social media platforms and get more followers and more profits.

3- Build Your Personal Brand Easily and Make More Money

Build Your Personal Brand Easily with Kenzly

Easily build your personal brand with Kenzly. By building a personal brand, you can easily make more money and profits. Here are some examples of personal brands:

  • Life Coaches
  • Business Advisor
  • SEO Expert
  • Course Providers
  • Yoga Trainer
  • Fitness
  • Bodybuilder Trainer
  • Learn language Tutor
  • Pet Trainer
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Expert
  • Web Developer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Crafting
  • Painting
  • Photoshop Expert
  • Video Editor Expert
  • Teach Music
  • Teach A Sport
  • Cooking
  • Much More…

By building your own group, you can create a successful personal brand, as well as you can easily communicate with all group members by sending newsletters, mail, private messages, or both, as shown in the image below. You can also have instant conversations with members via the built-in chat in Kenzly.

Send Free Newsletters to your members

You can add media files such as photos and videos in the message, as well as easily embed YouTube videos within the message, or links to external files.
What are you waiting for now?! Subscribe now and create your own group and start creating your own personal brand on Kenzly without any fees.

4- Online Business – Generate New Sales Leads, and Get More Revenue


If you are running an online business you will need to generate new sales leads to get more revenue. here are some businesses that need leads generating:

  • Online Stores.
  • Commissions Marketing.
  • Affiliates.
  • Sell products or services on Facebook pages, Instagram, or any social media platform.

You will need to build a mailing list and send offers regularly. Kenzly provides you free mailing list services with each group. using our groups is the best solution to promote your services and products as you can talk to your members and understand their needs and send newsletters too.

5- Local Business – Easily communicate with your customers and send them the latest offers.


Maintaining existing customers is the best way to market your products and services, and one of the most important rules of a successful business is caring for existing customers.
You may have a local activity such as:

  • Grocery Shop
  • Gym
  • Restaurant
  • Clothing Store
  • Accessories Shop
  • Cafe
  • Education and Training Center
  • Cosmetics Store
  • Vegetable Store
  • And many other activities

Add your team as group managers and Attract members with your special offers and services. Create your own group of your interested clients. Send offers and reduce advertising costs by sending messages and newsletters very easily and for free.

6- Sell Group Memberships Subscriptions – Work From Home


Working from home or working remotely has become one of the most in-demand new jobs, which allows you to make a lot of money easily and to run your business on your own and from your home.
Now you can create a group with a monthly or annual subscription paid for the services you provide, and you can accept members to your group after receiving the money. This process can place directly between you and your customers, where you ask them to send money to your PayPal account or to your bank account.

Kenzly provides the service of selling group subscriptions, where we sell your group subscription on our website, whether monthly, yearly, or once, in return for a percentage of the subscription value.
Many activities can be benefited from this service, such as:
YouTube content creators “provide exclusive videos to group subscribers”
Teachers and coaches
Course Providers
web developers
And other activities.

We have tried to show you many ways to help you benefit from the Kenzly service, and in the upcoming articles, we will explain how to create a professional account, how to manage your group, marketing methods, making money, and much more.

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