What are Backlinks and how to build them

What are Backlinks and how to build them-6038767-8137827

Backlinks are simply to have links on other sites that send visitors to your site. it is essential to use it as SEO standards to raise the value of your site and ranking globally. certainly, the more numbers of external links pointing to your site lead to the higher rank in search that will also increase your site’s ranking globally.

The results may be completely opposite if linking to other sites is low in ranking and visits, which makes your site affected and delayed a lot in search engines, so you must use the backLinks carefully as there are many sites and freelancers provide backlinks services to the website’s owner and the service may be harmful and not In your favour, we must clarify some important points for you, as follows:

  • The site that references or places a link to your site must be higher or close to your rank, and this can be found on the Alexa.
  • The content of the topic on which the link is located must be linked to the same content on your site, which makes the search engines work well in the future.
  • The text link is much better than linking through images.
  • The duration should be for a long time, not for a day or a week. This certainly has a negative impact on the future.
  • Using link encoding with dofollow and don’t use  Nofollow encoding in the links.

How do I get high-quality backlinks?

  • Use social media to post links to your website or YouTube channel.
  • Search for sites or blogs that allow visitors to publish articles and put links pointing to their site, this type is the most prevalent now, and you can benefit from the arrangement of globally Kenzly sites, most of them are in a high ranked site that contains a large number of bloggers from this Type.
  • Hire freelancers who have access to sites globally ranked where they write an article about your site or a topic that refers to the services or products of your site or even your YouTube channel.
  • Companies may be more expensive, but they may help you quickly in this matter professionally
  • There are sites that provide backlink services by allowing your site to be added to search engines and other sites and may be relatively useful in the beginning and can be obtained via the search on Google

Google policy may vary from time to time, but many developers have agreed on what was shown. We are glad to hear your opinions, and we are glad to respond to your inquiry

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