About Us

Kenzly is your gateway to unforgettable experiences. We offer a diverse range of services, from tours and activities to rentals and accommodations. Explore with confidence and convenience, knowing Kenzly has your back every step of the way.

Kenzly, the Organized Tour Platform, offers the world’s largest selection of tours globally. Our intuitive online platform seamlessly connects travelers with local experts in over 200 countries. Services may be provided directly or under our supervision.

Kenzly, an Estonian company (Reg no: 14522179), provides 24/7 global support. We collaborate with local operators to strengthen communities. We aim to expand services for individuals and companies, offering high-quality experiences at fair prices.

As a small emerging company, we aim to enhance service quality worldwide by growing our network of ambassadors in every country. They play a crucial role in ensuring follow-up and maintaining the highest standards in service provision by local experts.

Our Vission

"Discover World Easily"

Our vision at Kenzly is to redefine travel experiences globally, empowering individuals and communities to explore the world with confidence, convenience, and authenticity. We strive to be the premier platform for connecting travelers with curated, high-quality tours and activities while fostering sustainable tourism practices that benefit both travelers and local communities. Through innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence, we aim to inspire a new era of travel that celebrates diversity, fosters meaningful connections, and leaves a positive impact on the world.

Our Mission

"Make Tours Accessible To All"

Our mission at Kenzly is to simplify and enrich the travel experience for everyone. We are dedicated to providing a seamless platform that connects travelers with a diverse array of curated tours, activities, and accommodations worldwide. By fostering partnerships with local experts and promoting sustainable tourism practices, we aim to create unforgettable experiences while empowering communities and preserving cultural heritage. Through innovation, transparency, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, we strive to make travel accessible, memorable, and meaningful for all.

What our clients say

"Kenzly made our trip unforgettable! From seamless bookings to personalized experiences, they exceeded our expectations."

Emily S. Robertson

"Thanks to Kenzly, we discovered hidden gems and immersed ourselves in local culture. Highly recommended for unique adventures!"

John T.

"Exceptional service and attention to detail. Kenzly's support team ensured our trip was stress-free and memorable. Can't wait to book again!"

Sarah L.

"Kenzly transformed our vacation into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Their dedication to customer satisfaction sets them apart. A must-try for any traveler!"

Nouf D

Meet our team

Wael Rashed

Wael Rashed

Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson


Jerome Bell

Tours Organizer

Annette Walker

Annette Walker

Customers Service

Eleanor Pena​

Eleanor Pena

Customers Service

Marvin McKinney

Customers Service

Jelena Robert

Jelena Robert

Tours Organizer

Henry James

Henry James

Booking Organizer

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