The SkyWheel of Tallinn is Ascend to new heights and soak in stunning city views! Tallinn’s SkyWheel isn’t your average Ferris wheel. This unique attraction perched atop a shopping mall offers a breathtaking panorama of the city, making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

The SkyWheel of Tallinn

  • Location: The SkyWheel is situated atop the T1 Mall of Tallinn, a modern shopping center that combines retail, entertainment, and dining options. Its strategic location makes it easily accessible and a central part of the city’s skyline.
  • Height: The Ferris wheel reaches a height of 120 meters above sea level, making it one of the highest observation points in Tallinn. From this vantage point, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the city, including its medieval Old Town, the Baltic Sea, and the surrounding landscapes.

Features and Experience

  • Cabins: The SkyWheel has 27 climate-controlled cabins, ensuring a comfortable ride throughout the year, regardless of the weather. Each cabin can accommodate up to six people, making it suitable for families, groups of friends, or couples seeking a romantic outing.
  • Views: The ride offers a stunning 360-degree view of Tallinn and its surroundings. On clear days, it’s possible to see as far as the Gulf of Finland. The wheel operates both day and night, allowing visitors to experience the city’s transformation from daylight to the illuminated nightscape.
  • Ride Duration: Each ride lasts approximately 12 minutes, providing ample time to take in the sights, capture photos, and enjoy the unique perspective.
  • Comfy Ride: The 27 weatherproof gondolas provide a safe and pleasant journey throughout the year. They’re heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer, and each one can seat up to six people comfortably. Wheelchair and stroller access is also available.

  • European Rarity: The SkyWheel’s location on a shopping mall roof is one-of-a-kind in Europe. Previously, such rooftop Ferris wheels have only been found in Taiwan and Japan.

  • VIP Experience: If you’re looking for something special, the SkyWheel offers a MUMM VIP Experience. This private gondola with plush leather seats for four includes chilled champagne (or a non-alcoholic option) for a luxurious ride 120 meters above the city.

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The SkyWheel of Tallinn is designed to be accessible to all visitors in Estonia. The T1 Mall of Tallinn, where the Ferris wheel is located, is equipped with elevators and ramps to ensure that those with mobility challenges can easily reach the attraction.

General admission tickets are affordable, with discounts available during weekdays and for Tallinn Card holders. Family tickets and a “Sparkling Ride” option with refreshments are also available.

Additional Attractions

T1 Mall of Tallinn
T1 Mall of Tallinn
  • T1 Mall of Tallinn: Apart from the SkyWheel, the mall offers a wide range of activities including shopping, dining, and entertainment. It houses various shops, restaurants, and cafes, making it a perfect destination for a full day out.
  • Events and Private Rentals: The SkyWheel can also be rented for private events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate gatherings. Special packages are available to enhance the experience, including catering and personalized cabin decorations.

The SkyWheel of Tallinn is more than just a Ferris wheel; it’s a landmark that provides a unique way to see the city from above. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, a ride on the SkyWheel offers an unforgettable experience, combining spectacular views with the thrill of being high above the city. Book your tickets now

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